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    Okay I’ll admit it. I had a bit of a problem…

    Well, maybe problem is too strong of a word. Let’s just call it a borderline-obsession. Maybe it came from my background as an Anthropology major. Maybe it came from the burning desire to unleash my creative side after working 9-5 for a software company…

    Whatever the cause, I became obsessed with collecting shark teeth and turning them into something that let the other half of my brain do some work for once. For me, the results were amazing. I finally felt balanced.

    Every summer, my friends and I would take the boat out to our secret spots to hunt for shark teeth. With each new discovery, my passion for digging for treasures grew and grew. Beach combing quickly became my favorite hobby, almost an addiction!

    After collecting what felt like thousands of shark teeth, I decided it was time to put them to good use. Never having made jewelry before, I was eager to learn something new. That, my friends, was how RCC was born.

    It didn’t happen overnight, of course. It’s taken me a long time and a lot of mistakes to get the business to where it is now.

    Through a lot of hard work and the constant drive to be unique, I’ve created a small little slice of me.

    It's now been a year and a half since I started RCC and I am loving every minute of this venture! It is the most incredible feeling to express yourself through the art of handmade jewelry.

    If you find yourself thinking like I do, wanting high-quality, hand-made and laid back jewelry at an affordable price, then definitely check out my designs!

    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

    Peace + Love,

    Diana Westerman
    Owner, Right Coast Collective